Antithetic Sampling for Monte Carlo Differentiable Rendering

Supplemental Materials

Cheng Zhang1,2, Zhao Dong2, Michael Doggett2,3, and Shuang Zhao1
1University of California, Irvine          2Facebook Reality Labs          3Lund University

In this document, we show several inverse rendering examples to validate the benefits of our antithetic sampling technique. For each example, we provide a equal-time comparison between two sets of results with gradients estimated using and not using antithetic sampling method (combined with PSDR). The parameter RMSE plots show root-mean-square error of the optimized parameters. This information is not used by the optimizations.

The table below summarizes the performance statistics and optimization configurations for the inverse rendering examples. The reported Time is measured per iteration on a workstation with 8-core Intel i7-7820X CPU.

Scene # Param. # Iter. Time (per iteration)
Glass bunny 1 200 125 s
Bunny 3 200 20.78 s
Mug 3 120 6.78 s
Einstein 100 300 1.87 s
Inverse-Rendering Comparisons
Left click the images below to start/pause; right click to reset the animations.

Glass bunny